Six Worst Mistakes Marketers Make On YouTube

youtube marketing mistakes

YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world, with a huge marketing potential. The issue with YouTube marketing is that many people think simply posting a video is enough, people will automatically find it and fall in love with your product. Unfortunately, that is not the case, there are certain basic mistakes that you must avoid ensuring the success of your video marketing campaigns.

Mistake #1 – Expecting Miracles

Most of us assume that YouTube has a lot of traffic, so any video that is uploaded there will automatically bring in visitors. But this is not the case. You can’t upload videos that are dull, boring or generic – you must do something different. YouTube has been around for several years and people expect a certain quality from the videos there. You must put significant effort into creating your videos.

Also, even if your videos have a good quality, don’t expect millions of views overnight. If your content is good, and your message is delivered properly, people will definitely watch it, but it will not happen just like that. You need to be patient, and eventually, you will see the results.

Mistake #2 – Creating a Commercial

Most people browse YouTube to learn something new or be entertained. No one goes to YouTube to watch a commercial, except if it is entertaining or informative. Make sure that your commercial videos entertain the user or inform them, without directly selling your product. You can then place the commercial videos on websites which will catch the attention of the people and may end up buying your product. Indirect selling is the new age mantra.

Mistake #3 – Relying on YouTube Alone

YouTube is the biggest video sharing website, but not the only one. After creating a perfect video, you should also put it on websites other than YouTube. It won’t take much time to repost your video elsewhere, and you’ll benefit from the traffic of all those websites. Here are some of the other popular video sharing platforms that you can post your videos on:

  1. Facebook
  2. Vimeo
  3. Dailymotion
  4. Veoh
  5. Metacafe

Mistake #4 – Ignoring Other Metrics

Almost all of us measure the success of our videos. The problem is when we measure success simply by the total number of video views. While this is indeed an important number, there are other metrics as well that you must consider – likes vs. dislikes, percent of people who saw the video and liked it, people who favorited your video, people who shared it, and the actual amount of traffic the video brought to your site. Think of it this way, your video gets 3,000 views and brings 1,500 people to your site from which you get 300 sales. This is better than having half a million views with only about a dozen sales. It’s about quality and not just quantity.

Mistake #5 – Inconsistency

One of the biggest mistakes YouTube marketers make is that they are inconsistent. They may upload a couple of videos, get frustrated with not getting too many hits, and end up quitting. Some get bored with creating videos, and some even forget to upload regularly. Never forget – video marketing is a numbers game. You need to upload more videos so there are more things for people to find, and your subscribers are constantly reminded of your presence. On average, it takes three video views to convince someone to buy a product, so keep uploading and your sales will go up.

Mistake #6 – Poor Video Quality

Creating videos is not simply about its resolution, lighting, and sound; you must pay attention to the overall quality. Here are a few tips on improving the quality of your videos.

  1. Have a reasonable length – The length of your videos should neither be too long nor too short. The key is to convey the entire message to your potential customers without boring them.
  2. Include sound – If English is not your first language or you want to avail services of a professional, then hire someone from sites like to do it at reasonable rates. You can also incorporate music which is appropriate for your audience, like if your video is targeting retirees then don’t put heavy metal or hardcore rap in it.
  3. Use good lighting – The light should be coming from a good angle and neither too dark nor too light. Even putting the lamp in a different part of the room can make a huge difference.
  4. Don’t forget to tag the videos – This will help people discover your videos on the Internet.
  5. Remind viewers to like and comment – A good count of YouTube users likes and comments shall determine where your video shows up in the search results.

YouTube videos are easier to make than what we usually think, but that does not mean there won’t be any mistakes. If you want to maximize your chances to get your videos seen by more number of people, then you need to follow the above tips. Remember, you just can’t expect to get rich overnight, it is sustained efforts that will bring good results.