Top Ten WordPress Plugins for On-Page SEO

Wordpress SEO Plugins

WordPress is one of the most widely used platforms, one reason being its vast repository of powerful plugins that make it much easier to efficiently manage websites. Search engines play a key role in getting traffic to a website, for which it is essential to optimize a website per their terms. This optimization can often time a long time, and the most effective way to reduce the time is by using WordPress SEO plugins.

Here are essential WordPress Plugins you can use for On-Page SEO:

Yoast SEO: This is the most popular WordPress plugin for On-Page SEO. It allows you to easily add SEO title, Meta keywords and Meta description to all your blog posts. Also, there is no need to worry about XML sitemaps as it generates them automatically.

SEO by SQUIRRLY: This plugin helps writing SEO friendly content, working alongside the already put Yoast SEO plugin. While writing content, it points out the inefficiencies for getting into the right direction and makes it 100% SEO friendly ready to share content.

Redirection: This Plugin is mainly used for 301 redirections, to redirect the modified site addresses to the new ones. Additionally, one can track 404 errors and correct them.Best WordPress SEO Plugins

Broken Link Checker: This plugin checks all broken links within a website (404 links) – the dead links that ought to be taken away before hosting the website. This plugin also searches for missing pictures and notifies once found. The broken links are often directly altered by the plugin itself with no need to change every post manually.

SEO Friendly Images: Image optimization is a must for high SEO rankings. Optimized pictures with proper attributes have higher rankings in Google images search.

SEOPressor: This is an important all-in-one plugin for a bulk of your SEO requirements. It manages posts, pages and custom content. Its functionality extends to managing long tail keywords and one click drag and drop for content. A significant advantage offered by it is the post and page analysis algorithm, which provides a rating on more than one hundred criteria including checking of H1, H2, H3 tags and different content factors.

WP Super Cache: This plugin is quite essential since it minimizes CSS, JS, memory cache etc. Overall it reduces the hardware related usage and the choice of requests for the WordPress website to make the web pages load quicker and hence has better SEO rankings.

Rank Reveal: This is a premium plugin that provides info on the keyword’s ranking and its likelihood to rank higher in future. Further, it provides the largest selection of ranking for all important keywords to provide insights for the website to base its keywords on.

SEO Internal Links: This plugin optimizes the inner links to automatically link keywords with corresponding posts/pages and provides different necessary settings for carrying out effective SEO.

All-in-one made Snippets: We can use this plugin to give additional information regarding the website such as star rating. Custom snippets can also appear as a short outline for some web pages in search results.