5 Website Design Mistakes That Can Kill Your Business

website design mistakes

Every business wants a successful website for themselves that generates profits. However, a lot of them end up doing certain website design mistakes, that hampers their chances of success in the ever-competitive world. Here are 5 deadly mistakes that your website could be making, that you must avoid in order to stay relevant and increase revenues:

1. Autoplay audio/ video files

More often than not, people are startled and even annoyed when audio or video files start playing as soon as they enter the site. Most visitors would not bother to search for mute or stop buttons; they would simply close the website instantly and search for another. Do not have autoplay files on your site; leave the choice to your visitor.

2. Too many pop-ups

Many businesses include pop-up windows on their website, thinking that it would make it easier for their visitors to learn about the various products/services offered along with their benefits. Sounds good, but on the contrary, most visitors are annoyed by continuous interruptions on a website that divert their attention. Do not have pop-ups on your site, and only if necessary then limit them to popping up just once.

3. Poor spellings and grammar

There is a no bigger turn-off for website visitor than a poorly written content having spelling and grammatical mistakes. No matter how good a website’s design is, the visitor would immediately notice the words since they speak in a human language. Ensure that your content is spell-checked and follows correct grammar in whatever language is shown. Use local human translators who understand not only the language but also the local connotations of expressions and phrases.

4. Too many advertisements 

Advertisements are good for any e-business, as they bring in revenues. However, your website design should never make advertisements a priority over actual webpage content. Allocate a special place on your website – say the top area under the page title or the left side column – and keep your advertisements confined only in that area. Do not distract your visitors with too many ads, s/he can leave the website. People visit any website when searching for relevant information, and not to see a market for stuff they aren’t interested in.

5. Animation/flash/graphics abuse 

You can have a small animation blinking in a corner, it can be acceptable for your business users. But if the website has animation sprinkled all over the place, it will be tiresome to both the eyes and mind. Keep animation to the minimum and avoid using flash as it’s not supported on iOS devices.


Make sure that your business website brings in desired results and doesn’t impact the customer experience. For that, avoid the above-mentioned 5 deadly website design mistakes and prevent your e-business from failing to take off.