Top 10 Web Designing Tips

Web Designing Tips

A great web design plays a significant role in grabbing the attraction of your visitors. A website is the first interaction between you and your customers, so before getting design your website, you should exactly know what the interests of your target market are and what can attract them.

Below are top 10 tips for Web Designing

1) Keep the design of your website simple and clean. Provide detailed information about your products or services, so that users can get the complete information for which they have click on your website. Do not overdo your website with the pictures and graphics as it may distract the attention of users.

2) Keep the color scheme of your website according to the nature of your business, for instance, if it’s a business website then use the gray or white color and if it’s a fashion and style use bright colors. Use colors that give a relaxing feeling to eyes, because if the colors are very sharp then it will be difficult to stay on the website and the users will switch to your competitor’s website.

3) The font size and font of color your content should be readable. Make sure that the content of your website is interesting, informative and contains no grammatical errors. It gives falls impressions to the reader if the content contains grammatical errors. Do not use copied stuff because it will be penalized by the search engines and your website can get banned too.

4) When getting your website designed make sure that the design is simple and fast downloadable. To make your website design search engine friendly slice all the images and use coding at the back end.

Web Designing Tips

5) The navigation plays a significant role in a great design; the site navigation must be user-friendly so that user can navigate among different pages of your website quickly. Broken links can leave a harmful impact; therefore check your site for any broken links.

6) Do not use flash in the design of your website; Flash websites take longer to get download and users can switch to other websites for the information. Nowadays people are busy and have less time, so they want to have access to fast and easily available information.

7) Do not use any background music on your website and do not start any introductory video at the beginning of the page as it can be annoying because most of the people might be accessing your website from offices.

8) Nowadays it’s a trend to use pop-ups, but if you use pop-ups on the main page it can annoy people, and they will only close your website.

9) For the purpose of SEO if you are using different keywords, use them correctly and do no overstuff the content with the keywords as lower ranks will penalize your website because of excessive use of keywords. You are designing the website for the users and customers, so it should be user-friendly.

10) The design of your website must be cross browsers friendly, after the design of a website is ready, test it in different browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google chrome, safari, opera, etc.