7 Proven Ways to Improve Your PPC Landing Pages

PPC Landing Page

One of the most effective internet marketing strategies to generate leads and improve sales is by using PPC (Pay Per Click) ads. They not only improve the brand reach, they also generate higher conversions. The biggest advantage of these is that the results are instant, meaning they reach the target audience in a matter of minutes, without waiting for months as it happens in SEO. Google provides efficient tracking tools, which helps marketers delve deep into insights on where an audience is coming from and how to efficiently target their marketing campaigns.

However, running a PPC campaign alone isn’t sufficient. Running PPC on existing website isn’t fruitful in most cases, as the pages are usually meant to serve a broad audience. PPC works best when a specific set of keywords make the visitors land up on specific landing pages having content based on what the campaign is intending to target. Such focused and targeted sets of new pages are called ‘landing pages’. These landing pages serve a purpose and capture important details including tracking code. To create landing pages that fetch best results, a proper strategy for landing page optimization is required.

The following proven ways can help your organization in developing a landing pages strategy to help improve the conversion rate for your website and boost overall sales:

1. Include Critical Elements of an Effective Landing Page:

Have consistency in what your ad lines claim and what your sales page offer. The content should be crisp and clear and it should be analyzed whether it shall be used for your target audience. The ad and its copy should offer value to the readers and provide the solution to their problems. Avoid direct selling content, and focus on helping your prospective customers.

2. Highlight the USPs of your product:

Don’t just go on calling yourself the best. Instead, focus on telling a story to your target audience that will resonate with the USP’s of your product. This will convince them that they are getting something unique which they won’t get from your competitors.

3. Craft a Killer Call to Action:

It is very important to have a call-to-action (CTA) buttons on your landing pages. This can be anything that will serve your business purpose such as a form for capturing user info, link to your main website, signup form, etc. The better is your CTA, better are your chances of increasing conversions. Build a rapport with your target audience, based on what they need. Quite a few organizations make use of content marketing such as landing pages for free e-books requiring a user to provide their name and email address. This helps to build lead info.

4. Encourage Social Sharing:

Build trust and prove the genuineness of your brand. Embed content from your social media profiles, client testimonials and five-star reviews, and press coverage if any. The mantra is if you’ve got it then flaunt it.

5. Content:

A key to optimizing your page is the way you present your content. It’s not just about writing raw text, it’s also about how you structure it and arrange the layout. Quite often a landing page with simple, concise presentation and pleasant visuals is far more attractive than displaying too much information and images that may confuse the visitors. Remember, a landing page is a subset of eclectic information, if visitors need all the details they can go to the main website.

6. Optimize for load time:

Optimize the page loading time. Visitors lose interest if a page takes far too much time to load. You can do this by techniques such as compressing images, minifying JavaScript, removing redundant code and reducing back-and-forth interactions with the server.

7. Add Keywords in Landing Page Content:

An apparently perfect page can have extremely low conversions if its content does not reflect what is in AdWords. Use keywords that a person is likely to search for in Google and include them properly into the contents and titles. The page should also be engaging so that it doesn’t disinterest the visitor. One can measure the engagement rates of the landing page in metrics like Bounce Rate.


The above-mentioned methods are very useful for companies to optimize their services. Make the best use of this and experience benefits for your organization.