4 Ways to Optimize Your Website for Google’s Mobile First Index

google mobile first index

Every time Google updates its algorithm, there is a change in the way search engines rank websites. The most recent changes have prioritized mobile versions of websites over desktop ones, to determine higher search rankings.

A few months ago, Google updated its algorithm and called it “mobile first index”. Earlier, all webmasters had been focusing on optimizing their websites for desktop users, and now the focus has shifted to optimizing the website for mobile users.

To make your website meet the requirements of mobile users and hence fetch higher search engine rankings, consider these 4 techniques to optimize your site for the latest Google Mobile First Index algorithm update:

1. Mobile Friendly Design

All mobile devices have very small displays, unlike desktop PCs. Because of which the design elements including website navigation, image optimization, and content placement needs to be adjusted to enhance the mobile user experience.

2. Optimize Website Speed

Mobile users frequently access their mobile devices to search for and access information. Hence it is essential that they get the information quickly so that they can swiftly move on to their other daily tasks. Make sure to optimize your website for quick page loading by compressing images, avoiding Flash, removing unnecessary source code, reducing any redirects, and optimizing server response time.

3. Mobile Site Map

If you have a mobile site, make sure to have an XML sitemap for all your mobile pages submitted to Google’s search console. Further, separate your mobile XML sitemaps from desktop sitemaps, as you will be able to determine from the search console reports which pages are indexing more – mobile or desktop.

4. Optimize Video

Using videos on mobile devices works out very well if an HTML 5 video player used, as it is fast, lightweight and does not downgrade the video quality.

Given today’s highly competitive world, it makes sense to start modifying your website for Google’s mobile first index update and stay ahead of the competition!