Marketing Strategies to Promote your Mobile Applications

mobile applications marketing

Mobile applications have become a part-n-parcel of our lives. With growing use of mobile phones and increasing proficiency among the applications, it is mandatory to design and develop your app for smooth functioning and better performance.

To make it clear, mobile apps are not just about technical development. Development is just the one-third of what you need to achieve in pursuit of successful mobile application. The rest two third is what makes the jest of this article.

When one considers building an app what is the first thing that comes to mind? Most of all these three things may hover over your mind.

  • Utility of the App
  • Proper Promotion
  • Customer satisfaction

Once you search for an app on Google Store, you get plenty of options. What makes you select an app for download? It is not just the technical development that matters, but the look and feels as well. Promotion and marketing play a very significant role here. Discussed below are the 3 steps to make your app visible-

1. Efficient Marketing Features:

The first step is to find the target audience for your app and start promoting it accordingly. Also, you need to make sure it is easy to share. Try providing social media connectivity to the apps. It helps in promoting your app. Imagine an app keeping an accountability of your workout and lets you post it on Facebook. People will see and visit the app out of curiosity and desire to share their experiences as well.

2. Visibility of your App:

If introducing your app on Play Store is all you have done in the name of visibility, you need to pull up your socks. The first step to visibility is a full proof planning on how to launch your app, marketing strategies, communication plans, proper SEO Strategy and a website for your Mobile Application (optional). If you need proper SEO for your App, you need to have a landing page where clients can come for FAQs, social media links, and Blogs.

3. Future Proofing:

We all need future planning, don’t we? Future proofing helps your app to run a show for a longer time. The marketing strategies and promotional agendas have to be maintained time to time. Here are a few points mentioned for an effective future proofing.

  • Easy Bug Reporting
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Proficient Costumer Service
  • Robust Base Code
  • Costumer Outreach Strategy

Developing and Promoting your own Mobile Application is not a child’s play. But it can be rewarding once you take the risk and work dedicatedly towards it.