Laravel is the best PHP Framework in 2017

laravel php framework

Laravel is a free, open-source PHP web framework, intended to develop web applications using MVC pattern. Its features and ease of use have made it a leading PHP framework. It offers various development components such as unit testing support and authentication.

Laravel creates highly robust and scalable applications using an expressive and simple syntax. It has a unique framework that fulfills the needs of a web app with various functionalities for blogs as well as dynamic websites. Data can be readily imported and exported using APIs, and also mobile apps and web apps can be built at the same time. This makes Laravel very popular, for a development of e-commerce to multi-layered erps. Below are some more reasons for its popularity.

Below are some more reasons for its popularity.

  1. Documentation: Laravel has an extensive and easy to understand the documentation that is organized in such a way that even a novice programmer can easily use it.
  2. Laracasts: Laravel training services are provided by Laracasts, which includes free and paid video tutorials on using Laravel. The production quality is high with concise programming instruction. The video tutorials cover all the core concepts including VUE.js, mastering IDE, series on fundamentals, and more.
  3. Routing system: It follows a simple and easy-to-use approach for routing. Apart from this, it also brings flexibility and control over which a route is triggered.
  4. Unit-testing: It is an essential part of Laravel development services. For every new release, hundreds of tests are run to ensure that the new changes don’t break anything. This has enabled Laravel to have various stable releases.
  5. View Composers: These blocks of code can be run whenever a view is loaded. For example, a blog-navigation having a list of blog posts, containing logic to load the blogs.
  6. Application Logic: It can be implemented in an application either directly into route declarations or by using controllers. It is designed to give developers a flexibility of creating everything from small websites to large Laravel e-commerce projects.
  7. Automatic Pagination: Designed for programmers to help them easily implement and change their work, pagination configuration prevents the application logic from being messy.
  8. Blade templating engine: Laravel development services are very intuitive, work with typical HTML/PHP spaghetti and blade compile everything.
  9. Dependency Injection: This feature contracts the code, due to which one can easily take out implementations with less impact on the code.
  10. Other Features: Laravel web services include Object Oriented libraries which support auto-complete feature. Moreover, it has useful templates for web-pages and handles exceptions with the detailed stack trace. It also has restful controllers which enable control of logic behind POST and HTTP GET requests.