Grow Your Business with Instagram Marketing

instagram marketing

More than 750 million people use Instagram across the globe, far more than combined users of Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat. The good thing about Instagram is that most its users are more affluent and younger than users on other social media platforms. More than one-third Instagram users access it every day, which is also more than other platforms. People are using Instagram on their mobile devices not only to engage with brands but also to purchase products online.

Many small businesses are using social media and mobile advertising to generate curiosity, grow their brand and sell more products. Instagram is a great choice for selling physical products as well as online services. It’s that platform where users are ready and willing to purchase right on the spot with their mobile devices.

Instagram has also become a reliable source of both lead generation and sales, as it is helping small businesses reach millions of targeted customers with its hashtags, geo-tagging, stories, photo filters and short videos. People are ready to consume high-quality content, and the USP of Instagram is that it highlights visual information better than other mediums.

It is also a great place to get an exclusive following among people by sharing important information about new products, useful features or bestselling services. And you can expand your reach to targeted users across geographies with Instagram Ads requiring very little effort and a small budget.

Many businesses have benefited from Instagram Marketing. It is now the preferred choice among several upcoming businesses including educational institutes, hospitals, clothiers, restaurants, entertainers, etc. It is not just easy to connect with users; the ROI is much higher compared to other social media platforms.

But marketing a product on Instagram doesn’t guarantee success. Whether you’re running ads or not, you need to understand your market. Promoting your product in a niche, unprofitable market won’t be a good decision, chances are that you’ll end up wasting your time and money. Not all niche markets are created equally, some are more profitable than others. Therefore, it’s not just about the way you are marketing your product, it is also about who you are marketing your product to.

The key to Instagram Marketing is:

  1. Create posts that offer value to users
  2. Use high-quality photos and graphics
  3. Put appropriate text description on posts
  4. Add high-conversion hashtags
  5. Mark geographic location
  6. Send out at least one story every day
  7. Put appropriate bio with call-to-action button
  8. Keep changing link in bio and mention that in posts
  9. Post on timely intervals without flooding timeline
  10. Share others’ content and reply to messages

There’s no denying that promoting your business on Instagram is a good business decision, as there are several benefits. First, you’ll be able to reach a number of users than most other places. Second, if done right then you’ll make money. And the most important, you’ll be able to provide valuable products to your users, as the market will give you real-time information on what it wants. Using Instagram to market a product in the wrong market is one of the biggest mistakes businesses make, so take a time to dig deeper into your market and research to deliver what people want – that’s good marketing.