Get your Business Started with Facebook Marketing

facebook marketing

Facebook is the biggest social media platform in today’s virtual world. Over 1.8 billion people connect to each other globally via Facebook. With this number growing each and every hour, digital marketing has found itself a new platform to explore. Facebook marketing not only gives you an easy access to your target audience but also helps the people to avail offers and services without hunting the internet for deals. Facebook advertising is the latest marketing trend one can opt for.

For an effective ad, there are endless lists of suggestions. From things that are eye catchy, to impactful punch lines and powerful visuals, everything defines Facebook marketing. There is basically a set of common steps followed by all to make that impactful impression on the target audiences. Long story short, your content should be far more fascinating than a user’s news feed flooding with global gossips and vacation pictures. Sounds tough? Well, it’s not!

This blog will discuss what they don’t tell you about social media marketing strategies and basic yet important ways to grab the attention of your target audience.

  • Facebook’s 20% Text Rule

Always remember the fact that Facebook allows you to add text to your image as long as they are occupying just 20% of the image space. Use Impactful and persuasive words to gather the attention of the users.

Writing on the images also gives you an option of using different fonts and colors which are not possible in regular Facebook text posts.

  • Relevant call-to-action Options

With large choices of call to action on Facebook, you can choose whichever option suits your advertisement best. Options like book now, shop now, download, watch more, donate now sign up and contact us set an exact goal to identify the need for precise action you demand on your ad.

Like for example if you have a travel agency, you would prefer book now. If you have an apparel store you would preferably go for shop now or sign up. Your advertisement headline, post content and call to action option must be in alignment to avoid confusion in viewers’ mind.

  • Eye-Catchy Images

This trick will never get old as visual influence stays over a longer period of time. Remember people scroll down their news feed swiftly; your advertisement should be appealing enough for them to respond. Use bright colors with relevant pictures. Avoid blue and white as that’s the theme of Facebook and won’t look catchy. Try to use pictures of happy people using your products. It gives a positive impact psychologically. Try to make your ad stand out amongst the rest of the feeds.

Also, have a landing page for the advertisement and implement these ideas to grow your business campaign commendably. Go ahead; conquer the Facebook marketing world with ease.