5 Tips for Developing a Successful Android Application!

developing android application

The mobile application development era is continually advancing and evolving. Subsequent to the boom in mobile app market as a result of smartphones, tablets, wearable devices and the IoT (Internet of Things); the present-day focus lies increasingly on mobile app analytics and marketing. And, very soon we may even experience Artificial Intelligence in this sector also as Andy Rubin – the father of Google mobile software – foresees.

Today, mobile app development services have proved to be a blessing for entrepreneurs and the start-up sector. Enterprise mobility is now an existent reality, with the mobile app market being flooded with a myriad of ace Android apps giving users a range of opportunities to use and explore.

For an enhanced productivity and incomparable user experience, businesses worldwide are looking for enterprise mobility solutions.

Let us look at 5 Key Tips for developing a successful and profitable Android application.

1. Keep It Simple

The number of features always tend to allure us, and therefore we all want an app that is feature-rich. However, we must ponder upon all the features that will actually serve the purpose of our users, subject to the business objectives and requirements. Having too many not-so-important features may kill the ultimate usability of your Android app. A simple and viable approach would be to adhere to implementing the basic functionality desired by your business and its users. Rather than overloading your app with undesired features, it will be helpful to focus on improving the existing functionality.

2. Usability

The primary focus behind your app usability is to simplify things for your users, and not just make an eye-candy. Give emphasis on enhancing the user interface, at the same time make your app have useful functionalities. An intuitive, all-in-all kind of app is always liked by people. Generally, users are fascinated by attractive designs, and at the same time also have an inclination for smooth and straightforward navigation.

3. Connectivity with Social Media

The Android app that you develop for your business, should essentially provide an excellent UI/UX. Therefore, it is very important that you provide an easy way for sign-in, account access, and securely fetching usernames and passwords. They should be able to share crucial aspects from your app to their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

4. Frequent Updates

Technology is advancing at an exceptionally fast rate. To keep our pace with the frequent technology developments, we need to be extra quick with revising the existing versions. By developing easy to update Android apps, you can actually accomplish half of your task. This incorporates not just removing bugs, but also upgrading the existing functionality and taking user feedbacks. Remember to keep the updates straightforward, so that they implemented easily.

5. Take Feedback

By providing the users an option for sharing their feedback, you create a win-win situation for your mobile app. Feedback is an effective way to show your desire for improvement and giving your users an unparalleled experience; thus, its highly appreciate by people.

A good amount of effort goes into building a proper, well-configured mobile app that gives your business a competitive advantage and good ROI in the marketplace.

If you looking for an effective Custom Android Application Development, then let us help you. We will strategize and realize your unique business idea into an incredible app on the Google Play Store.