Do your Business Needs Social Media Marketing

business needs social media marketing

Benefit Your Business from Social Media Marketing

This article will give you a quick heads-up on benefiting your business from social media marketing, which is as important as SEO, if not less. If you want to get business from new customers then you must think about adding social media to your marketing plan.

Why Social Media?

To highlight the value of having a social media audience, let us look at a traditional product launch marketing approach, and compare that with a social media approach. Traditionally, when a new product is released then there is an increase in marketing and advertising activity – such as a magazine or newspaper advertisement, banners, radio jingles etc. but there is no consistent or sustainable value in these strategies. why-social-media-marketingBetween smartphones, tablets, laptop and computers, 90% of all media interactions that are happening nowadays are screen-base, making how you present your brand more important than ever. You cannot measure how many people actually saw your newspaper ad or what was their immediate reaction, but you can measure – and respond – to the same through social media.

Creating an engage audience through social media platforms allows for an ongoing connection. Customer advocacy that can’t achieve with traditional methods of mass communication. Ideally, the key to success on Facebook is by creating a community that advertises for you. When members of your community reinforce your brand, product or service, then no other form of advertising can beat that.

Creating an Audience

The easiest way to build and audience on social media is through social media advertising. But to build a community that engages regularly, your advertising needs to well plan and strategized. We did this with one of our customers, The Nutters, where we improved their Facebook reach and engagement by over 60%.

We also increased their page likes and community growth without investing in unethical fake likes. There has also been a significant increase in Instagram followers and engagement with The Nutters page, including posts from influencers and retailers.

Promoted Posts

It’s a well-established fact that organic reach on Facebook is decreasing. As algorithms are geared towards highly engaging content, it’s becoming more and more difficult to create content that will reach your target audience. To get your brand out there and reach your hard-earn Facebook audience, promote posts are becoming an integral part of social media strategy.

Once you’ve defined the audience you want, then you need to create a post with important information to reach them. For our brand, we run simultaneous campaigns to boost posts and increase fans, which has proven to be an effective method for increasing engagement.

Community and ROI

Facebook is one of the best platforms for reporting and analytics, which makes it easy to measure and analyze your spending. Boosting a post increases its visibility among the news feed of people, who are more likely to engage with your business.

The greater fan base you build, the more effective your advertising becomes, and loyal fans will become your best customers. For The Nutters, we used a combination of optimizing the target audience and budget to achieve the results we wanted. By doing extensive audience research in advance, we could ensure that our campaigns would generate quality fans that would engage with the brand.

Visual Marketing

Social media is a form of visual marketing. Therefore, it’s necessary to have a plan and idea of what visuals and photography your brand will use. Our strategy for The Nutters was to create a stream of fresh content, having a recognizable image for the brand. An image strategy is an important part of a content marketing. It’s no longer enough to just choose a stock image or repost the same image again and again.

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