Benefits of using OpenCart for your Store


In today face-paced world, online stores are replacing brick & mortar stores. For success, businesses need to make their online store intuitive, robust and appealing to their customer. A good design is not simply enough, as the website’s underlying platform should be scalable to handle increasing user load and seamlessly support all the requirements of a feature-rich e-commerce website.

There are many e-commerce development platforms in the market. This article enlists why OpenCart can be your preferred choice for creating an e-commerce store.

1. Simple Store Setup

A prime benefit of OpenCart is that it has an extremely simple setup process. OpenCart was basically designed with the user in mind, not just a webmaster but also the ones who no idea about programming. Here are four simple steps to launch your online store using with OpenCart.

  1. Download and Install OpenCart from the Internet
  2. Choose any one from the available wide range of OpenCart themes
  3. Add your products and fill in product details
  4. Configure functions and modules like shipping method, payment gateway, languages etc.

By using OpenCart you can instantly sell your products and receive all orders. Unlike Magento and WooCommerce, you don’t need to know much about technical details, you can easily do it without taking help from a developer.

2. Performance and usability

People prefer buying online for various reasons. A good e-commerce website is not just about the convenience it offers, also it is about the website speed. The quicker a user can navigate and walk through the website, the better are the chances of them doing repeat business. OpenCart is lightweight and uses AJAX technology which reduces the page load time for the end user. Further, Opencart admin panel is very easy to use and doesn’t require a steep learning curve. Also, it provides numerous features such as single page checkout, smart website structure, and handy search.

3. Multi-store functionality

OpenCart supports a series of multi-store functions that help you manage several stores from a single admin panel. With this you can:

  1. Use different themes for different shops

  2. Manage single inventory meant for multiple stores

  3. Localize stores across different countries by setting the various default currencies, tax, and language

Set up customer groups for each store, which can enable you to have some stores for the retail and wholesale customer

4. Features and Extensions

OpenCart is not only easy to set up and use, it also offers a high level of functionality. You can increase the features offered on your OpenCart store by using more than 10000+ extensions available on the platform. You can do a lot of things such as:

  1. Set up a multi-level tax zone, for customers across different countries, with tax set up according to the country

  2. Select from one of available 25 payment gateways and also add your own

  3. With advanced report system, store owners can calculate the total number of sales per day/week/month

  4. Analytics for tracking which products customer are more interested in

Bottom line is if you are not a technically competent person and want to get an E-Commerce store running for your business at the earliest, with scope for robust future integration, then consider OpenCart as a viable platform to suit your needs.