6 Proven Ways to Increase Twitter Followers

twitter followers

Hundreds of Thousands of Businesses use Twitter to promote their websites, launch new offers and offer special discounts to their customers. Many news channels and political organizations run active campaigns on it. Any business simply cannot ignore Twitter since it is a highly powerful medium of carrying out marketing activities.

Twitter is a place where a news can easily become viral if your account has a decent number of followers, and if your followers are less then any amount of sustained marketing campaign will not evoke much response. It is therefore essential that you have a commendable user base to carry out the right type of marketing activities, which reach the target audience and result in increased business.

Here are 6 proven ways to get more followers for your business.

1. Tweet on things that are related to your brand and use #hashtags. Content that’s high in quality and very easy to find is a sure shot way to get more people to follow your account. You can include as many #hashtags as you like, inside 140 characters. For instance, if you have a restaurant in Surrey serving Vegan food then you may use hashtags like #vegan #plantbased #healthy #delicious #food #surrey etc.

2. Encourage your followers to retweet your tweets and do that often. The benefits are that it’ll push your username into different destinations, resulting in more clicks on your profile. You can track the progress of your and links with inbuilt Twitter Analytics. You may even run campaigns wherein a follower mentioning your Twitter handle + campaign hashtag in their tweet, will win an award if they get a maximum number of retweets among all tweets containing your Twitter handle + campaign hashtag.

3. Make your Twitter biography adequately descriptive, with a link to your website, a relevant profile picture, and matching the cover image. Think of it this way: if you meet a prospective client at a party and have to introduce yourself in 30 seconds so as to make a compelling sales pitch, then how will you do that? When you open yourself up to a new audience, then some people won’t be knowing who you are and if you can tell a little about yourself in just a few lines, it’ll encourage them to follow you. For instance, if you’re a Bistro in New Jersey then mention that, along with some of the dishes you serve, opening hours and whether you do delivery or take away as well. Don’t put generic bio like “The most happening place in town!” – new followers won’t understand your USP.

4. Reply to your followers, because they’re always interested in hearing back from brands. If someone writes you a compliment, thank them. If someone is upset, then address your concern. Here’s your chance to win back loyalty and showcase yourself as someone who’s actually listening to their customers. Most people appreciate getting involved in discussions, encourage that by talking back to them. Not only that, also follow back some of the most active engagers, this will earn you brownie points.

5. Get involve in Trending Topics: Pick up a Trending Topic and make it as a base for writing something regarding your brand which is informative as well as entertaining. Most active Twitter users keep an eye on Trending Topics and often click on the ones that interest them. Therefore, writing on Trending Topics is great opportunity to reach out to new people and talk about your brand. Avoid commenting on controversial topics, and pick up interesting topics that might not raise a few eyebrows.

6. Promote your account offline: If you have a business card, an article, a letterhead or any other type of print medium reaching out to people, ensure that you mention your Twitter account there. If you’re giving a public talk, presenting at a conference or simply going to a business meeting, you can easily get more followers by simply mentioning the name of your Twitter handle.

Conclusion: Twitter is one of the most effective platforms for marketing your business. It is completely free to use, has a great user base, the analytics prowess is efficient and it is easy to interact with followers. Marking your presence on Twitter is a win-win situation for all, as you get followers for your brand, your followers can earn money, and Twitter gets more on-site activity. And the best of all – your business prospects shall increase, based on the pulse of the audience.